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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fall For You


Hai hai my lovely reader..about a couple of week,im not updating my blog..why??? coz im so busy lately.. Emmm, did u know? of course u not..i dont know why my heart beating fast and feel so lonely today.And juz now, i  just know my ex getting married already yesterday..emm what im feel? feel sad? feel bad? feel happy..i also donno i what i need suppose to feel..but im feel empty right now..really empty...For him, i wish u happy newlyweds.  hope u and ur girl happy until to the end of life.

Why like im in sad mood?? oh no no happy..
let's listen dis song that very2 meaning to me * ade ke very2 meaning,ikot dan je kan haha*

 **mood:  sad mood..huhu*

do know what to say.. juz let it be..


1 comment:

Arina Shamsul said...

Be strong dear :)
jangan lagi ingat memori2 lama tu,mulakan memori baru dengan semangat yang baru.insyaallah pasti akan bertemu dengan orang yang lebih sesuai dan terbaik :)

jangan sedih2 ok..senyum skit..anyonyonyo..tomei..ahaks..

done follow here :)

jemput singgah blog saya ye,lau sudi follow sekali..ahaks:)

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