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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aim~ Motivate Ourselves!!!!

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening all.

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Everyone have their own aim and target, whether in their life, career, education or love. Did u have your own aim and target???? 
If people live with nothing.. which no aim and target.. that very bad to hear..
 We as a human, MUST have our own AIM and TARGET no matter in what way..

For life:

We must thinking how to find our own happiness. How to create peaceful life. As a Muslim, whenever we have problem back to Allah. He always with us. He always hear what we needs. InsyAllah when we remember Allah.For sure, He also remember us.He gives double you know!~

Don't just find Him when we got a problem or sad mood. That is not good! 

Just imagine, we a got a friend, when we happy, our friend always by our side but when something bad happen, nobody want to be with us. 

So, what you feel??? korang je tahu kan perasaan bila macam tu
For Career:

Of course everyone, want the best in your career right??  DON'T GIVE UP if you don't get what you want. Just try. and try until you satisfied what u get.

For example,  YOU got a DEGREE.. But just get post as Admin Assistant. Don't Be Sad. Maybe others will ignored you. Maybe people just says,'' Eh! ade degree takkan keje taraf spm kot? Baik xpayah belajar sampai U!"

Don't be angry! Because, when people give you, opportunity just take it first.. That is learning process just begin. Don't feel down, because people says something bad to you. Whatever your post, you are DIFFERENT to other BECAUSE you have valuable knowledge that can't get if you not find. You GOT A DEGREE you are VERY VALUABLE my dear..

for those don't have degree. You MUST work hard, must aim for promotion. Move up! don't just think you like now until die..AIM for successful!

For Education

For student, NEED to study smart not study hard. Dare to try! Aim for EXCELLENT RESULT!
We need to HIGHEST TARGET!!!.. 

Always motivated ourselves that will want to be a successful STUDENT!

Because Education that really useful in future.

For Love:

"What you give, you can get back"

Honest, Caring, Lovely,Patient.~ antara sikap2 yang perlu ada
, We need prepare ourselves to face big problem when we make a decision to involve in LOVE field!~. That was HEART PROBLEM. 
 Because love can make we feel sad, bad mood, hurt and everything that negative.

So we need to prepare!  Ready to accept love from others because you also accept other problems in ur live.

Love people with sincerity , InsyAllah they we love u back!

That's All


p/s: I'm just writing.. I'm don't care with my grammar. HAHA..;p

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